BRANDED PROTEST is a creative collaboration between Ingeborg Bloem and Klaus Kempenaars. Both are the founders of xSITE, a multidisciplinary graphic design studio in Amsterdam and New York.
Ingeborg Bloem
Ingeborg Bloem is a co-founder of xSITE with a studio in Amsterdam. She is a cross-media creative director and designer with broad experience in the development of brand and communication projects.
Bloem has over 30 years of experience, she has been creative lead and creative director at TBWA, 180, LostBoys, EdenSpiekermann and Philips Design.
Klaus Kempenaars
Klaus Kempenaars is a co-founder of xSITE with a studio in New York. Specializing in branding experiences, Kempenaars has collaborated with international companies with various scopes and focuses.
With over 30 years of design experience he had positions at Total Design, Atelier Neubacher, Minale Tattersfield, Tel Design, Doublespace and was recruited to head Swatchlab as Design Director.
Ingeborg Bloem and Klaus Kempenaars have been awarded several prestigious awards for their work including the AIGA 365, Art Directors Club New York, Art Directors Club The Netherlands, I.D. Magazine Gold Medal and The Type Directors Club, The 100 Club - The American Center of Design to name a few. Work of Bloem and Kempenaars have been shown in design exhibitions around the world.
They have given lectures and workshops on the subject “branding” at international events and colleges.
xSITE is an ever-evolving platform of visual communication. Inspired by the cross-cultural make-up of its members, xSITE teams up creative problem-solvers from a variety of disciplines to cater to particular needs. At a time when technology is rendering the world closer, xSITE serves as a model of international collaboration where ideas are exchanged to produce attainable visions. Recognizing the strength in an integrated model, our goal is to combine all services associated with branding, design and communications. Visit us
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