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Branded Protest
The Power of Branding and Its Influence on Protest Movements

Branding has become a means to unify a movement and to give protest a visual identity. In this book we look at different methods how protest is branded. History and even more so recent protest have shown classic branding efforts to unify the message to generate traction with millions of supporters for a cause.

Many of the most successful and recognizable protest movements in the world make use of branding techniques. Branded Protest researches the power of branding and the influence it has on current protest movements and gives iconic examples of unique branding-efforts that support protests.

Branding is a process. It uses different forms to visualize and support an individual movements identity. It is the strength of the message that can unite people. These distinctive unifiers is our focus and research, to understand how protest can mobilize.

For our book we interview organizers, activists, strategists, artists, and designers around the world. We give commentary on specific topics and invited critics to give their view on present crisis situations in the world.
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