Three words organize millions around the world. An interview with Joachim Roncin, the creator of the slogan, sheds light on the special circumstances.

Can you tell us about the process you went through when you created Je suis Charlie? What was the first emotion or idea you had in your mind?
When the
Charlie Hebdo attack happened, I was in the conference room of Stylist magazine, where I work as an art director. One of my colleagues saw the alert on Twitter saying that there had been an attack on Charlie Hebdo. We started following the messages on Twitter, following everything that happened minute to minute.

I wanted to see the logo of Charlie Hebdo. I always react with images because this is what I do, this is my job. So I looked at the logo and I thought about what this logo means to me. As a child I never read the magazine, but there were piles of them in our house because my father did read it. So Charlie Hebdo was part of my childhood.

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About Joachim Roncin

Joachim Roncin, is a French artist, music journalist and the art director of the Paris magazine Stylist. He created the now-iconic white-and-gray text roughly an hour after the attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which occurred just five minutes from Roncin’s home in Paris.
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