This is the quintessential text for the reason of this book. It will explain the origins of “branding” and show different examples how this implies to history. The text continues with a focus on the case studies of the book and give short introductions. A detailed description of the chosen topics and why these specific protests are symbolic to the idea of “branding.”

We are all exposed to branding: from a torn sheet of cardboard duct-taped to a scrap of wood and scrawled with whatever writing utensil someone was able to find at home to slick corporate advertising campaigns in the press, targeted through streaming portals, social media, and television. Many of us recognize branding and its intent to influence our actions. And those who recognize it might like to imagine themselves immune to its effects. The Nike logo – officially referred to as the “swoosh” – is presented to us wherever the company can hope to claim our attention. We might like to think we recognize such ubiquity for the inducement it is. We are wise to such sloganeering and trademarked icons; we make our own decisions. And yet some of us are loyal to Nike, and some of us are Adidas people. So, how does branding work?

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