Since it launched in 2018, the group has made headlines with its non-violent resistance techniques and avowed willingness to be arrested – and also for its striking graphics. The visual identity comes from the movement’s Art Group, run remotely and out of London-based studio This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll. We talked with Art Group co-founders Clare Farrell, Clive Russell, Charlie Waterhouse and Miles Glyn.

Are you all involved in the organization, are you all activists?
Charlie: Well, the four of us were already working together before Extinction Rebellion. I think that’s quite key to understanding our involvement; that our own relationship is quite deep, and goes quite a way beyond just XR.

Clare: I’d started to work with Roger Hallam, who’s one of the founding researchers behind Extinction Rebellion. He’s worked a lot on the tactics and the methodology. I was working with him on an air pollution campaign, blocking major roads in London. This was in 2017. There were only 10 or 15 of us. We were tiny. And because we needed some banners designed, and we all were already friends and working together, I said: let’s do some banners. And so we did the visual identity.
Clive: Actually, it was much worse than that. I was basically coerced into attending a road block (laughs). Which was great actually. It’s amazingly liberating to be placed in a position that you ordinarily wouldn’t want to be in. And it was very clear from that point on that in order to block a road successfully we needed a graphic representation of what we were doing. So that was the beginning of the initial identity, the beginning of Extinction Rebellion”.

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About This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll

This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll is an art group that specializes in identity, activism for culture and causes since 2009. Located in Borough, London they are the creative force behind Extinction Rebellion.
This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll devises, deploys and delights brands.
Here’s the manifesto:
1. Always Undercomplicate
2. Embrace the Unprofessional
3. Work is a four letter word. Fun is free
4. Senior input = Superior output
5. What’s-in-the-head, not Overhead

This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll: brilliant Brand, bollocks banned.

They have worked for Age UK, Brixton Design Trail, Brixton Pound, British Music Experience, CHIPS, Historic Royal Palaces, Humanity & Inclusion, Independent Money Alliance, Lambeth Council, Mayor of London, Maytree, Médecins Sans Frontières, The National Gallery, Rising Up, Royal Collection Trust, Royal Horticultural Society and Tate.
Their work has been shown and collected by The British Museum, The Design Museum, Museum of London, Tate Modern and The V&A.

Extinction Rebellion

Miles Glyn / Clive Russell / Charlie Waterhouse, co-founders of Extinction Rebellion Arts Group.
After working together with Clare Farrell on several projects the foursome named ‘Extinction Rebellion’ (XR) and began developing the look and feel in May ’18. Process was at the heart of the movement from the beginning, by linking printing techniques with digital technology, the group was able to inspire participation and quickly expand the Arts group. In April ’19 the XR Design Programme was released worldwide. The XR Design Programme can only be used non-commercially, XR does not sell merchandise – there is no time for Business as usual.
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